No “Geodreieck” in the UK?, the ARISTO brand

Geodreick, set square
Some time ago I was looking to buy a geometric set square that can be used to draw angles (“Geodreieck” in German) in the UK where I live. I visited several stores and found a lot of other geometric tools, but no such triangles. There was a lot of toolsets available for maths classes in school and most of them had a half-circle angle measuring tool, a so-called “protractor”, and other shapes but no triangles with equal sides.

As somebody who is used to these triangles for drawing and measuring everything, I wondered about the reasons for why I couldn’t find any. After reading the corresponding article on wikipedia I uncovered a very interesting fact: The Austrian company ARISTO has the original design for these tools patented and (I think) it totally dominates the German markets with their design.

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SaltyPepper event website

I am helping with some graphics on a friends website. It is an event management project, started by his girlfriend, called Saltypepper. You can find the website here: its not officially ready yet, but it will be soon.