3 Month Recap

Please excuse any peculiar grammar and words in this text. I translated most of it from German.

Two weeks ago I returned to Zambia to spend another 3 months here at the Amano Christian School. During the first three months I was working in the boy’s dormitory. This term I will also be teaching some computer skills in addition to that.

The Amano Christian School is located in the Copperbelt region of Zambia. If you’d look at it from a plane you would see one single big tarmac street and many mining and industry facilities dotted around the landscape. The school is right next to this highway. In spite of this it feels very remote and bush-like for a European like me. Water has to be filtered here. And sleeping under a moskito net is necessary,
because of the Malaria threat in the region.

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The picture on the wall

My second 3 month term has begun recently and I’m planning to write blog posts again. I haven’t written anything about the end of last term and my holidays, but I might fill that in sometime in the near future.

Today our dorm father had planned to hang a big picture that the students had made in art class in the living room. It took three men and several hours of work to do it, not including us volunteers lending a hand when they needed us.

First they had to decide on where on the wall to hang it. They discussed this in the morning and after the lunch break they set to work. They took a lot of measurements and then made a sketch on some cardboard that showed the dimensions and how to position it exactly in the centre. This took them the best part of an hour.

Then they drilled the holes, but only after getting another power drill, because the first one’s batteries were flat of course. I had to get an extension lead for them, as they didn’t bring one with the drill. Sure enough the drilling went quickly and the picture was up there hanging in no time.

It all would have been well, hadn’t my colleague mentioned that they put the picture very high up on the wall. It turned out that they had actually wanted to place it in the vertical centre of the upper part of the wall (which is white, the lower is brickwork) and were off by about thirty centimetres. So they took the picture off again and proceeded to drill new holes further down. They moved the picture down (which of course left the first holes visible).

Then they found that the picture was about 5mm lower on one side which they corrected as well. After this they took some white paint and started touching up the frame of the picture and the wall around it and also covered the holes. After a lot more looking at the picture and discussing they decided that the work was finished. It had taken them almost 2 hours. One of the workers actually complained in a joking fashion about the time it had taken.