2d game character animation

I’ve been working on a small mobile game together with a friend who is a programmer. It’s a very interesting concept, but I don’t know if it’ll get anywhere. I thought I can show these little animations that I made for it.


Picture book project

I’m attempting to illustrate the biblical story of Ruth. I am planning to do 6 or 7 pictures. Here is the first drawing for the first picture, titled “The three widows”. My plan to take these drawings as a base to paint over in Photoshop.

Three widows
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Handpainted signage in Zambia

One thing I found very interesting in Zambia was that most of the signs were hand painted, hardly any signs were spray painted with masks and even fewer were printed. I didn’t get to take pictures of many of the great signs I saw, but here are a few examples that I took pictures of.

Goodbye Zambia

some students from Amano

Again sorry for not writing for such a long time. I have had this post prepared for some time. I was waiting to get the text checked, but people at Amano were on holiday.

I have just arrived in Austria a few days ago. The 6 months in Zambia are past and have gone, but not in a flash. The great thing about experiencing something new is that the experience is a bit like a child discovering its environment. The time seems to go much slower, because of all the new input you are getting.

If I went back there now, it would be nothing like discovering the country for the first time. I would arrive at the airport in Lusaka and say hello to the people I know, organise some transport and not spend any time looking at my environment, except if I notice something has obviously changed. When I arrived at the first time I spent hours walking around the small building, staring at the people, trying to figure out what they were doing and what they were there for. It was hot and humid and totally foreign. I remember the chapel room in it’s horrible state of disrepair and my first meal that tasted good, but upset my stomach.

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