Turtles and trees

” Believing that her message had been well delivered, the Tortoise let herself fall off the tree. When she hit the rocks on the ground, her shell broke into many pieces, and her family members had to join the pieces together with gum. This is why a Tortoise shell seems to consist of broken pieces fitted together. “

This one is from a book that I have been working for an African friend of mine. I’ll probably post more of those. I’ve got about 70 drawings like that that I’m thinking about sharing for free download.

Building the tower of Babel

I am working on a series of illustrations for a retelling of the story of the tower of Babel. Here are some of my drawings that show the process. I started with storyboard sketches and then proceeded with pencil drawings. Now I am doing the inking in Illustrator before I will take it to Photoshop for the colours.