About me


My name is Simon Seitz. For a number of years now I have been designing graphical user interfaces for games. I got my break in the video games industry working as a UI Artist on a well-known strategy game series called Total War. More recently I have worked on prototype projects for the Wargaming.net company (best known for World of Tanks). With these war-related projects you might think it strange that I am a Christian and hate most forms of violence, but it is the history and the adventure in games that are the draw for me.

I have been drawing pictures from when I first could hold a pencil and like most boys had a great interest in adventure stories, reading a lot of books and soaking up the pictures and stories of pirates and knights, frontiersmen and missionaries.

I learned graphic design through creating flyers for churches and have created websites for various small Christian projects and churches. Recently my biggest project in this area was creating a publishing system for digital books through several download websites, bringing literature to people who’d like to have it, but otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.

I like to travel and have lived and worked in a few countries so far: Japan, Germany, Austria, the UK and Zambia.

For more information, contact me.