first 2 weeks in Zambia

I have been here in Zambia for over 20 days now. 3 of them I was ill, but still there’s plenty to write about. Sadly I can’t upload any pictures yet, but they’ll come soon.
The Amano Christian School is a small school funded by donations from Europe and some companies. It has about 40 students, who are weekly or termly boarders plus another 40 odd students that come every day from the near vicinity.

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First stop: Austria

I spent 2 weeks at my parent’s home in Austria over Christmas. The whole family was there. It was a miracle that everything to do with my move from the UK to Austria went as well as it did. On the day we left there was no other way out of the country apart from the car ferry: planes and trains were delayed and many got canceled. Heathrow was shut down for days because of the snow. Christmas and New Year happened in good family tradition with lots of Japanese style food.

Tomorrow we are heading towards Germany for the annual MK get together of the Liebenzell Mission, which is always a fun time. MK stands for missionary kids. They are a funny bunch who have grown up in different countries all over the world – wherever their parents were working at that time. Many find life in Europe a bit difficult.

In 5 days I will take off from Stuttgart to go to Lusaka, from where I’ll take another plane for a short trip to Ndola, where somebody will pick me up to go to my destination: Chingola.

I’m going to Zambia

I am going to Zambia in Africa for half a year, starting in January. I plan to report on some of my experiences on here. I will be working as a volunteer at the Amano Christian School in Chingola –  My responsibilities will be to look after some of the boys in the boys dormitory and to teach a bit of graphic design and multimedia stuff.

No “Geodreieck” in the UK?, the ARISTO brand

Geodreick, set square
Some time ago I was looking to buy a geometric set square that can be used to draw angles (“Geodreieck” in German) in the UK where I live. I visited several stores and found a lot of other geometric tools, but no such triangles. There was a lot of toolsets available for maths classes in school and most of them had a half-circle angle measuring tool, a so-called “protractor”, and other shapes but no triangles with equal sides.

As somebody who is used to these triangles for drawing and measuring everything, I wondered about the reasons for why I couldn’t find any. After reading the corresponding article on wikipedia I uncovered a very interesting fact: The Austrian company ARISTO has the original design for these tools patented and (I think) it totally dominates the German markets with their design.

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