Swiss Style Smurf


Recently I did a quick art test for the games company I currently work for to find out whether I could draw a customised Smurf in the style of Peyo. Here’s the result. The line work doesn’t come near the masterful inking of the original, but it’s the best I could do on my digital drawing board.

Empire Total War


I worked as a Junior UI Artist on Empire Total War, starting in early 2007.

When I joined the Empire Total War team I came straight from university and they were two years into a massive four year game development process. It was an often chaotic and stressfull project that I learned a lot from. The final product garnered top scores from games magazines for its ambition and scope. It is also famous for how buggy it was upon release. I spent months fixing Empire UI bugs.


Photoshop and inhouse authoring software (UIed), basic 3dsmax modelling and rendering, HTML prototypes