Jonathan Blow Q+A in Graz

Last week I had the unique opportunity to listen to the indie games developer Jonathan Blow talk of the cuff and answer questions for 2 hours straight.


#GGJ2017 Sprites


I took part in the Global Game Jam two weeks ago, in January 2017. Here are some of the sprites I created during the jam. They are free for anyone to use> and here is the link to our Game Jam weekend project: Rhythm Defense.

Napoleon Total War

Originally intended as an extension to Empire Total War this project became a full game in its own right. It is the game in the Total War series that I had the most input in, as I worked on all aspects of the user interface from the main menu, to the HUD, to the logo. I also did a lot of icon art for this game.


Photoshop and inhouse authoring software (UIed), basic 3dsmax modelling and rendering

Empire Total War


I worked as a Junior UI Artist on Empire Total War, starting in early 2007.

When I joined the Empire Total War team I came straight from university and they were two years into a massive four year game development process. It was an often chaotic and stressfull project that I learned a lot from. The final product garnered top scores from games magazines for its ambition and scope. It is also famous for how buggy it was upon release. I spent months fixing Empire UI bugs.


Photoshop and inhouse authoring software (UIed), basic 3dsmax modelling and rendering, HTML prototypes

Shogun Total War

For the Total War series Shogun 2 was a return to its roots. Shogun Total War, the first game in the series, had been published just about 10 years prior in the year 2000.

My focus for this project was mainly on the design of the game menus, the frontend, especially the new multiplayer section. The new ingame encyclopaedia was also part of my responsibilities.

A lot of the artwork was done by Joe Ward (UI parts, the great ancillary characters!). Roland MacDonald did the unit card images and Rado Javor did the Japan map.


Photoshop and proprietary inhouse authoring software (UIed) for the most part, some xHTML&CSS for the encyclopaedia