OM EAST Ebooks

PHP Web App, designed and developed for OM EAST. Special considerations was put into security, usability, simplicity. Find the site here: There’s also a server-side application ebooks management app that I maybe will post screenshots of at a later date.

om_ebooks v.2

A few months ago I redesigned the website It has a responsive theme now that works well on mobile devices. The website was previously running on Joomla 1.5 and I migrated it to WordPress.


Napoleon Total War

Originally intended as an extension to Empire Total War this project became a full game in its own right. It is the game in the Total War series that I had the most input in, as I worked on all aspects of the user interface from the main menu, to the HUD, to the logo. I also did a lot of icon art for this game.


Photoshop and inhouse authoring software (UIed), basic 3dsmax modelling and rendering