first 2 weeks in Zambia

I have been here in Zambia for over 20 days now. 3 of them I was ill, but still there’s plenty to write about. Sadly I can’t upload any pictures yet, but they’ll come soon.
The Amano Christian School is a small school funded by donations from Europe and some companies. It has about 40 students, who are weekly or termly boarders plus another 40 odd students that come every day from the near vicinity.

It is a big campus with school buildings (some of which were constructed out of ship containers), workshops and the student dormitories. They’ve got a football field (with very rough and at the moment often wet ground), basketball and beach volleyball court. Power comes from Solar panels or a generator. The internet is provided via satellite (for the whole school) or mobile networks, which are both slow.

My home for the next few months is the boy’s dormitory, where I’m staying together with another German volunteer and a local couple called Mr. and Mrs. Kamanga, who are the dorm parents. We are looking after about 25 students from 8 to 18 years of age. They can be a lot of fun but also annoying at times. The rules and the daily schedule here are quite strict, which is necessary as the school is demanding. They are trying to keep a high educational standard, so the students once they leave school can continue their education in Europe or the United States. Beginning after the Easter break I will probably be giving some Design lessons to the secondaries.

It is rain season here, so it rains almost everyday for some time at irregular intervals. It’s still sunny and hot though. There are many insects everywhere, especially a lot of different types of ants. Termite hills are one every hundred meters. There are many birds that are new to me and night and day you can hear them outside. Especially at night, there are lots of noises outside. Some insects can make you think somebody is using a powerdrill on the trees.