day 25

It is February now. We still have rainshowers nearly every day. And we have power cuts nearly every day. Sometimes they can be a bit annoying, like when the older boys are watching a movie and the generator is turned off at exactly 9 o`clock. But in general they are not a problem for us.

The food supply can be more of a problem. Recently we didn’t have any milk for two days. I don’t envy Julia Wittmann, who is in charge of the kitchen. The dairy company, bakery and chicken farm who supply us don’t seem very reliable.

I played football with the younger boys recently and made a great fool of myself. I fell over spectactularly once, got tunnelled, and got a ball between my legs and behaved generally hapless. “Mr. Simon, you have got no balance!” they said. And they are right. It reminded me a bit of the time when football was a word of horror for me as a child.

So I have to learn a bit how to play football, but I think the boys are learning something at the same time: How you can be beaten by an opponent who doesn’t know how to play :-), and how you can have fun at sports and behave well without being any good at all. They are incredibly competitive. So I think playing football with me brought some of the idea of “playing” back for them. The ridiculous situations I have brought about in just one game have given them a few stories to tell.

We’ll see how well I’ll do with sports in future. So far I’m spending most of my free time in the library or in front of the computer, naturally.