day 28

I recently got a haircut. I went to a small barber shop in Chingola and paid 20.000 Kwacha for it, which is €3.08/£2.61/$4.17. In comparison: I had to pay 32.000 Kwacha for a pair of batteries for my torch. A few days later the students asked me about where I had my hair cut and how much it cost and I told them. They laughed at me and said that they get a machine haircut for 7.000 Kwacha. This gave me a good idea of how cheap labour is here. Most products are expensive here. Even food often has equal or higher prices compared to the prices in Europe.

Whe had a big cross country run event on the 5th of February. Teams of runners from several other schools in the vicinity came to Amano. The endurance that the top runners showed was awe inspiring, but I also often see students exhausted and holding their sides on their practice runs.

When we played football the next day I was breathing heavily within just a few minutes on the pitch. This in itself isn’t surprising, but I didn’t actually exert myself much. We’re located around 2000 metres above sea level level and the effect is obvious, not just when doing sports. Other volunteers tell me that they sleep more than they are used to and eat more.

At Amano there seems ot be a sports event every two weeks at least.