day 31

My bad memory/scatterbrainedness is getting me in trouble every once in a while. This morning I forgot the milk on the stove. Mrs. Kamanga caught it before it had all boiled over. Not to bad, compared to when I nearly burned my flat in England.

I am thankful for the dorm parents in such situations, but at other times I am not so thankful… Yesterday evening Mr. Kamanga tried out his car after it had been repaired. After a while I heard the horn several times.I went out walked to where the car was standing and asked if anything was wrong. “No, I’m just testing the horn.” It then went on for what seemed like ten minutes. I’ve never met anyone before who thought that a car horn needs to be tested like that and I don’t think I’ll meet such a person again.

Later in the evening he tried to tune a guitar for a student. I had never heard him play a guitar before, so it wasn’t surprising that the tuning didn’t proceed very well. It sounded so horrible and took so long that I retreated into my room. In the end the guitar was still not in tune.