midterm holidays, German missionary kids

I haven’t written anything for more than two weeks now. First I was away from the school on holidays, then I injured my right hand. My middle finger got caught in a closing door. The bandaged middle finger causes frequent laughter.

During the midterm holidays four of us volunteers from the school had the job of looking after the kids of German missionaries who got together for a short retreat. The kids hated the fact that they had had to tag along to this event with their parents to be looked after by German volunteers who they don’t really know. So they showed off their disinterest and were hard to motivate to anything. I love them.

When it was my turn to do a bible study with them I did a bit of acting and also got them to act out the story and it was all not too serious and fun. I got the chance to tell them a few historical details about the Romans as well. I think they enjoyed it. We also played a lot of games.

I heard some good stories from the missionaries. The technical and communication problems they face, but also the positive discoveries they make are highly interesting. It’s a pity I can’t write some of them down, but I don’t want to give second hand accounts. I will write something about what I have seen myself when we went to see the work of the Liebenzell missionaries in Ndola.