Ndola, Nsobe Camp, Dawn Trust

A few days after the Liebenzell missionary retreat at Musenga a group of us volunteer workers went to Ndola where the Brunner family live. We stayed there for just 3 days and I didn’t have my camera with me. We saw a lot of things.

One day we went to the Nsobe Game Camp. A small camp compared tos some of the big Safari camp. It is a 2000 hectar fenced area where Antelopes and Giraffes and Zebras, which we didn’t see, live. There were also some caged animals to be seen: a crocodile, some snakes and birds. After we’d been through the hut with the snakes we saw some keys lying on the ground outside. The keeper had left them there. We could have easily opened the door to the Black Mamba with them. We returned them to him and he got a small tree snake out of its cage and showed it to us. When we left he just put it in his trouser pocket.

The next day we visited the Dawn Trust project, which is supported the German Liebenzell mission. It’s a small project targeted at one slum settlement near Ndola. First we saw their experimental farm, where they teach local farmers how to grow their crops efficiently without destroying the soil through burning and the use of pesticides. They claim to be able to get two or three times the yield of conventional farming depending on how well they nurture the soil, which they call “Farming God’s Way.”

We also saw their youth project, where the local youth come together to do their homework and practice sports. They have the only decent library of school books and other books in the city and certainly the only that kids have access to. Their sports teams are also doing well, competing against local schools.

Later on that same day we visited Hedwig Mueller, who has been working in that area for a long time. She helped set up a small HIV testing facility and clinic, where they have had a lot of success with natural medicine from plants that they grow themselves: Meringo Tree (which is very nutritious and strengthens the Immune system), Amaranthia Tea (for Malaria treatment) and the Musungusungu Tree (Sausage fruit tree), which helps with skin diseases.

The next day a few of us went to see a carpenter’s and singpainter’s shop. He had just finished new signs for the Dawn Trust Farming project. Seeing the half painted signs was interesting and made me think that I’d like to try my hand at that sometime.