Halfterm holidays

Four of us volunteers went to Mpika in the Northeastern Province of Zambia for a week during our holidays. It is a more rural area than the Copperbelt. Whe helped a German missionary, HP Hertler, with some building work. One of us volunteers is a carpenter, who had already built some kitchen furniture there. During our stay there we assisted him in making a ceiling in one room and two cupboards for another room.

We got the chance to visit a small Baptist church, housed in a school there, which left me with a very good impression. The pastor wasn’t very old and a lot of youth were present. I remember the sermon as profound, sparkling with genuine thought and love, far from commonplace rhetoric. We also took part in a youth meeting on the same day and played some football and volleyball with them.

We helped transport some bricks for their planned church building, which was a small adventure in itself. The bricks came from a small Zambian brickworks, were the bricks are being made by hand from the clay mud, piled up in a kiln and then fired. We saw a whole family working there, children and grandparents. Zambian law says that children have to attend school, but obviously they fail to enforce that.

We also went for a great day out to an odd old English estate, Shiwa Ngandu, (read it’s history here: http://www.shiwangandu.com/) and a hot spring nearby.

We returned to the school just in time for the funeral of Sambia’s previous president(a Dr. Chiluba). The ceremony on television was going on for hours on end.