Writing again.

I realise that I have written hardly anything about this school term yet. I’ve gotten used to this life here and am looking towards going back to Europe. This and laziness (me losing interest) were the reasons why I haven’t been writing.

Finally just before halfterm holidays I started to pay attention and keep track of what was happening again. Here a few incidents from that week.

One of our white students killed a fat Puff Adder near the dorm. Their bite can be deadly. A few of the boys had lots of fun trying to hang the snake on a tree in front of the dorm. They made at least 6 attempts and everytime the muscles would start contracting and the snake would slide of among cries of “It’s alive!”.

Watched the lunar eclipse. Some students told us about it. The moon slowly turned red in the shadow of the earth. Looked impressive. Sadly my pictures are blurred as I didn’t have a proper tripod and helped myself with a chair and a book.

The physical world hates me. Today I spectacularly failed several times at opening bottles and opening and closing doors. But, seriously, the caps of some of the medicine bottles we have here can only be opened with a knife and quite a bit of pressure. And it’s not just medicine bottles, also Juice bottles can on occasion seem hermetically sealed. Milk bottles from Parmalat (the Italian company is controlling the market here) on the other hand have the tendencies to suddenly start leaking.

After lunch we’re off to Northeastern Province for a week.